Arrival: A Fast Train; the Room

I arrived at about 6:30 pm at Incheon Airport, about 45 minutes or so from Seoul. Took the train to Seoul, which was fast, immaculate, on time and not crowded at all. Cost about 13.00 US. Nice. This would be echoed throughout the trip: everything was organized, clean and efficient. Along the way, I viewed lots of massive high rise apartment complexes and some industrial facilities. I was supposed to meet up with Austin at the train station in Seoul and we would take the train to Daejeon together. I had a few anxious moments when Austin wasn’t there right away, and I walked up and down the terminal until he appeared. The train to Daejeon took a little over an hour, and didn’t seem like it was going very fast, but apparently (there was a speed indicator) it was traveling about 180 mph at times! Arrived in Daejon and walked to hotel, checked in without incident. The room was very nice, and had some of the cultural quirks peculiar to this country: shoes off at the door, sandals provided (1 pair for shower/bath, 2 for rest of room), a huge hi-def TV, computer, very advanced lighting system with halogen spotlights, and a hot/cold water dispenser.There was no shower curtain which was clearly intentional, and a handheld shower head; shower clogs are provided to prevent you from slipping on the marble floor.

view of tv and desk in my room

View of bed in room

Austin’s Place and a Strange Pizza for Dinner

Following check-in, we went back to Austin and Emily’s apartment. It was a short walk from the hotel, and Austin tried teaching me some Korean phrases along the way. The apartment was brand new, spartan and well-organized. Not much room for extraneous stuff.

view of the bedroom/living room

We had a most unusual seafood pizza, which contained a kind of sweet potato. After a quick bite, Austin walked me back to the hotel, and I stayed up for awhile, but then fell asleep without much trouble, especially since the room was almost completely silent; no noise at all.

view of the bathroom