scrambled eggs, tomatoes, Korean hot sauce

The next morning I was up around 5:00. Spent some time on the computer and practiced some yoga, then headed down to breakfast in the hotel lobby. There were a couple of instant coffee sticks in the room, but they turned out to have sugar and cream mixed in. Gross! I can’t believe people drink this stuff. There was a pot of something that I thought might be coffee in the breakfast area (breakfast was included in the room price), but it was so pale I decided it must be hot tea. Turned out I was wrong. The rest of breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs, juice, white bread toast (I passed), and lettuce and tomatoes with salad dressing (ditto). I took a couple of tomatoes, cut them up and put them in the eggs, along with some Korean hot sauce that I got on the plane, and made an informal huevos rancheros.  After breakfast, it was time to go meet Austin.