We walked up to the bottom of Bomunsan mountain directly from Austin’s apartment.

during mountain hike.

It was probably a couple of miles, and the climb itself was at least 900 meters or a half mile up a steep, well, I guess Bomunsan is a big hill or a small mountain. There were lots of trees, and the greenery was pretty lush. Another feature was the presence of sets of exercise equipment along the trail, so you could get a complete workout, I suppose. I noticed quite a few older people hiking up the mountain. It was warm and humid along the way, but gradually got cooler and breezier as we went up. Eventually we reached the top.

near the top of Bomunsan

another vista from top of Bomunsan







Austin took some pictures of me performing yoga poses, which turned out well.

Vira A at top of Bomunsan

Half Moon Pose on top of Bomunsan

Headstand at temple at Bomunsan







Temple at top of mountain

The view was spectacular; you could see the entire city of Daejeon, along with the mountains in the distance. Austin said the haziness of the sky was due to “yellow dust” from China.

yellow dust from China

Sad to see that kind of thing, but inevitable, I guess. On the walk back, I noticed that there were mostly older people in this area of town; very few young people. Lots of shops looked shut down or closed.  Some kind of aquarium was being constructed close to the bottom of the hill.