For dinner, we had planned to go somewhere Austin knew about for a specific kind of Korean dish Austin liked, with tofu, noodles, and bean sauce, but the place was closed, so we went to a restaurant next to Austin’s apartment instead. The portions of spicy noodles, spicy veggies and other spicy things were enormous; none of us could finish. Did I mention the food was spicy? Austin ordered me a beer that turned out to be something called soju, a really inexpensive Korean alcohol similar to vodka. I thought it was sake at first. Oh, and about the beer: they have several varieties, all of which are completely alike—light and low alcohol. Not what I prefer, but not surprising either. It seems like most of the beer in foreign countries I’ve been to has this same quality. Of course, I haven’t been to Germany, the UK, or Belgium either, so I guess this generalization is limited. Dinner turned out to be the end of the evening, and just as well—my sleep schedule was still a bit off.