The next day, I was up at 5:00 again, with more yoga, computer time and breakfast. I discovered on this morning that the hot liquid in the hotel cafe that I thought was tea was actually coffee, since it was a little darker, so I had some. Still pretty undrinkable, though. The rest of breakfast was the same; thought that I may have to try something else for the rest of the trip. After breaky, it was time to go visit Austin’s second school. The school was a bit closer to Austin’s place than the first, and the facility was a little nicer, but somehow, the technology in the classroom was a little bit older (no touchscreen tv, for example). Austin taught about 4 classes in a row and for each one, I went up to the front to be introduced, spoke to the students and answered questions.

Austin's second school

before class at second school

rear of room second school

They were much like the students at the first school and once again I felt like an exotic animal from the zoo. There was always a question about my hobbies, so I would demonstrate a yoga pose to show them, which elicited many ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’. Austin’s co-teacher, Ms. Lee, was new to teaching, but was polite and helpful. She bore a striking resemblance to the Chinese-American actress Lucy Liu, and had some of the most delicate table manners I’ve ever seen. This school lunch was similar to the first, differing only in details. At the end of my time there, I met the assistant principal, who spoke English well. His son was in dental school in California and he had been there to visit. He was gracious and friendly. That evening we went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant in an area filled with bars, restaurants and other shops. After that, we strolled over to a bohemian coffee bookstore, along the way looking at several pet shops. It seems like there are a lot of streets in Daejon which have one kind of shop or another, and the street names reflect this, e.g., Car Street, Food Street, Pet Street. Kind of like calling the cat “kitty.” At the coffee shop, we got into a fine conversation over the drawbacks/advantages of the internet, among other things.